H2M Healthcare Marketing works with their strategic partner FEEDBACK to provide cutting edge research services.


Innovative Digital Processes

Our research is specialized in providing ethnographic research using innovative digital processes that deliver significantly stronger results for better-informed creative executions.


Deep-Dive Research Services

By using Feedback’s unique HumanFilterSM system, our sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists and hand-trained ethnographers provide deep-dive research services that incorporate voice-of-the-consumer analysis, message board reviews, online alerts, distinct geographic and demographic study, influencer studies and other human analysis. 


Additional Firepower

Feedback supports healthcare organizations and other leading brands that need additional firepower with research, online consumer monitoring and digital implementation.


Better Understanding

For healthcare, this translates into significantly better understanding of target audiences, stronger strategies, effective use of marketing budgets, brand loyalty, and ultimately more consumers interested in your healthcare facility. Want to know how a young couple decides which hospital to choose in their region? Or curious what criteria a middle-aged Mom in a particular US target market finds most important when deciding which healthcare provider to use? Feedback can tell you.



Client Experiences


Feedback has conducted numerous research studies for Rex UNC Healthcare. These studies have included competitive analysis, audience research, decision path/journey identification and persona validation. Currently Feedback is a strategic partner of UNC, providing ongoing monitoring, research, strategy and tactical support.


Feedback has provided multiple research audits over the last few years for JDCH, identifying healthcare decision criteria among very disparate audiences, and uncovering additional ways to effectively communicate with medical decision makers in South Florida. These audits and strategic support are ongoing.


Since its inception nine years ago, Feedback has been providing research, strategic support, crisis monitoring and social media implementation for Kindred across the country. Most recently, we have helped them document their market visits, through video stories that perform very well on social channels.